Translations English - French - English

We offer a professional delivery of translation from English into French and French into English provided by English and French mother tongue translators, a guarantee of a quality service.
We offer our translations services in the following areas : legal, medical, media and advertising, technical and commercial, literary and artistic etc.
Our deadlines are short and our rates competitive.

Rates vary according to the complexity of the document to be translated, but in all cases we strive
to provide competitive rates.
We always abide by rigorous time delivery frames, strict confidentiality as well as the best quality/price ratio.
Upon receipt of your request for a quote, we will ensure that you get it by return



A resume and a cover letter delivered in  English is a plus in today's business world.
PCTranslation services will translate your resume into English, in a format liable to impress your potential employer.

This service is tailored to students and/or professionals wishing to evolve in an international environment.
Both the resume and cover letter will be delivered within 24 hours of receipt of the original text,

for a lump sum of € 90 - CHF 100.
Payment by Credit Card,  PayPal or bank transfer.

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